I mentioned in an earlier post that Algeria is a sea of unfinished concrete. Apparently President Bouteflika is on the case, and in a recent speech he gave to the National Council of Architects, he addressed the fact that more attention needs to be made to building codes and beautification, saying "I am ashamed, as an Algerian of our cities and villages." He called on the architects to work towards a well-built and vibrant architecture to transform the country and bring it into the 21st century.

Apparently there will now be fines for houses left unpainted...which should, in itself, change the landscape of the country dramatically, and there will be fines which will eliminate the sea of unfinished houses (lower floor(s) complete, upper floors with main columns in place for future construction)...

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KNL said...

It will especially be useful for him to encourage the structural revitalization of Algiers and the other cities, because of the earthquakes that cause such troubles for people. More sturdy housing would do Algerians very well.