no escape from reality

Mentioned in an earlier post that I'd been checking out the virtual world at

Today I tried to teleport to lovely mosque where in a techno twist I sometimes visit and even pray, virtually that is (I still haven't figured out how to get a head scarf, and my avatar has impressively flowing auburn hair which no doubt is a distraction to the ummah)...only to be barred from entry. When I IM'd one of the mosque's members, found that the mosque was closed because of vandalism. First there were posters placed outside the mosque that were pornographic and then apparently the mosque was occupied by some racists who sat on the koran, made racist slurs against jews (whoops, didn't they realize that the synagogue was next door) and arabs and then did something with the code that crashed the computers of those there. Don't know if these were the same culprits as the virtual members of Le Pen's Front National who apparently visited the mosque earlier and harassed mosque members.

I may have some of the details wrong, but suffice it to say that virtual "reality" is just that...another reflection of our lives, good and evil. So much for any lofty ideas I had of peace and harmony of races & religions in this new frontier.


Anonymous said...

the mosque in chebi is back! and a group has been organised to run it and keep it opne and "clean"
marino nuvolari - chebi mosque support group

labasse, hamdullah said...

This is good news... it's a beautiful place and it's so nice to have a presence, and a positive one, in SL.