clash of cultures

Apparently there was a protest march held by university students in Boumerdes to express their upset with the fact that the inauguration of the "Algiers, Capital of Arab Culture" festivities were planned on the Berber holiday of Yennayer. One student was quoted as saying "We are not against Arab culture, but we say no to the ideological manipulation and to the attempts to drown tamazight in the Baathist ideology which is in power. The choice of the date (1st day of Yennayer 2957) is not innocent. Tamazight is not folkloric entertainment..."

Ouch! Perhaps they might give President Bouteflika a calendar for his Yennayer gift this year?


Anonymous said...

Seriously. You'd think there'd be more respect for those of us whose culture is actually native to Algeria.

The Arabs should, as Ali G would say, give respect!

labasse, hamdullah said...

Funny you should quote Ali G...I just watched Borat tonite (one of the benefits of being here is access to basically all movies on DVD for mere pennies...).