the rule of utilities

I know there must be some pattern to this, but I can't seem to figure it out...

Some days we have electricity, but no water. Then we have water but no phone/internet, and all of this in a large urban area. Taking inventory of what's working seems to be a daily event: "Kan el ma?" (Is there water), "Makansh telephone?" (No phone?) etc. Very very rarely is everything working. Days are planned around the abundance or lack thereof.

I joke about it, but I shouldn't. The lack of water and/or electricity can have very serious effects, besides the mere inconvenience of it, on many, especially the elderly, the very young and the sick. Lack of water can lead to poor hygiene and the proliferation of bacteria and spread of viruses.

In the West we don't even think about this, and let the faucet run and leave the lights on in empty rooms without thinking twice.


cncz said...

So nice to read your blog and thank you for the link!
I so agree with you about the water stuff. Where I go in Algeria they have water in the mornings, but the pressure is bad. When I came back to Switzerland and took a long shower, I felt wasteful.

labasse, hamdullah said...

I dream of a long, hot, steamy shower... :)