a savage war of peace

Apparently this is the book that sits next to glass of warm milk on President Bush's bedside table. Written by British historian Alistair Home and published thirty years ago. Who recommended it? Henry Kissinger.

While clearly there are numerous differences between the situation in Colonial Algeria and that of Iraq, hopefully on one of the deadliest (for the Americans that is: 25 dead. Iraqi losses are commonly much higher) days of the nearly four-year war, Mr. Bush we see the similarities of these long drawn-out and bloody conflicts. Withdrawal may be complicated and painful, but it's preferable to the constant loss of life and devastation of a nation that we're seeing in Iraq.


mo said...

lol he doesn't seem to be a person who actually reads.

Anonymous said...

Oh no!
Note to self: remove same book from bedside table. Resolve to read only books in French when reading about Algeria.