what's for dinner?...lamb, again

OK, I know that Algeria is still basking in that bone-sucking, organ-slurping paradise that is post-L'Aid culinaria. I also understand that in a country where income is low and meat is expensive, this is a veritable luxury. That said, I'm ready to become a vegan. Now, I love a good steak now and then, but this lamb for lunch, lamb for dinner, lamb for breakfast (just kidding) thing is getting a bit much.

Today, my brother-in-law sliced up a nice big fat juicy testicle for lunch, while we ate lamb butt (I thought it was neck, but when I asked they each spanked themselves to show me where the meat came from) with sauce for dinner. Just a bowl with a big hunk of meat and some sauce to be soaked up with bread...no veggies, no nada, so it was either eat meat or starve... Yesterday was chops and the day before was shoulder. The fridge is full of little plates containing brains, stomach, intestines. Head has been frozen (thank God) for later.

They love to laugh at me as I gingerly bite at my meat. Silly American girl, doesn't know what's good... and I do feel a bit like the spoiled ugly American when I don't dive into my plate with relish like they do, but I'm hoping they understand that it's my first time eating what I considered to be a friend. Baa baa.

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