amr khaled

Don't know if you've heard of Amr Khaled, the "Muslim Televangelist," but he's really hot right now in the Muslim world, especially among young people. I think he's personally responsible for taking thousands of "disenfranchised youths" (hate that term!) directly from the discos into the mosques. I read an interesting article about him in the NY Times:

Here he's on TV all the time, and in Ramadan (and I think now in Hajj) was broadcasting directly from a studio overlooking Mecca. I saw a program with subtitles (my Arabic ain't so hot) and it was oddly compelling, but there's something about his voice and his tears that made me a bit cautious...Pat Robertson? Jim Baker? He has some good ideas, though, but I'm a bit nervous by his embracing the mighty dollar (or riyal?) and his emphatic call for all women to wear hijab, or full veil.

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maha said...

salam alikom
it's my 1st time 2 write 2 u
i m maha from egypt
i know amr khaled 6years ago from his audio lessons and i love listinning 2 him cause he talks like us young people and do not just say that we r so bad and that we had bad mentalaty like old religion men
last ramadan he make a great programme on Eqraa tv about the holly names of Allah "besmik nahya or with ur names we live"
it was great and if u like 2 watch them u can visit his cool site

i m so happy 2 write 2 u
have nice time
salm alikum