fighting rams

OK, I'll really try to stop ranting and write about something more positive next time, but had to get this in first...

For those who aren't Muslim, we have a religious holiday approaching where lambs are sacrificed in remembrance of Abraham's offer to God of his son, etc., etc. You know the story.

Well, I heard the other day that there's a very well developed network of ram fighting, that precedes the Aid. The fights are apparently very popular and the champion rams, prior to being slaughtered in the name of God, live the life of prize fighters...they're given names and enjoy fame and fortune.

The shocking thing is that the reason for doing this are not only "sport," but cold hard's a gambling ring! As in most religions, gambling is totally haram or prohibited in Islam...yet the pious gather round and throw their dinars on the table, betting on their favorite rams, then wash themselves for prayer without a cloud in their little minds.

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