sexy hijab

OK, so I don't get it. The veil is the latest rage here, and I'd say an overwhelming majority of women wear it...but I'm not talking about the modest shapeless kind, or the traditional one with the little hankie over the face...

Yesterday I saw the ultimate...a young girl with skin tight jeans, killer spiky heels, a tight as saran wrap black sweater, and a black scarf wrapped tightly on her head (accompanied by the little dangly jewelly things they use to close the scarf, but I won't even go there!). The clincher is that on top of this skin tight sweater she was wearing what looked like a hot pink string bikini style?

The contradictions of this society are many, but the ones over religion is the most complex. What's disturbing is what I see, and hear from many young women, about the reasons why many of them are wearing scarves (and I won't call them muslim veils, because they have little to nothing to do with the modesty of the veil): pressure, style, sexiness, wanting to be like their friends, are the last reasons one should wear hijab. It's kind of like the girl who wears a leopard-print scarf on her head, and then takes it off at the beach so she can better show off her new thong bathing suit.

Wrong message being sent to them, and it's being perpetuated by them...just shallow and insincere and hypocritical.

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