cat, i mean yusuf

The man-formerly-known-as-cat-stevens-now-known-as-yusuf-islam has a new single and an album out, available on itunes (which has saved my mind since I can still buy music wherever I am in the world...that and Survivor episodes!). I almost cried when I heard it for the first time, as not only did his voice bring back incredible memories of my youth, but also I could relate to his conversion to Islam, etc. Worth checking out, although I'd suggest you skip the reviews, which while overwhelmingly positive, include some political, anti-Islamic, unnecessary comments, too.

Oh, and did you know he has a twenty-something son, whose album is coming out in the beginning of 2007? His name is Yoriyos.

Oh, and for those who don't believe music (or at least music with instruments) has a place in Islam, here's a link to Yusuf's discussion of same:

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